Still Using Spreadsheets to Manage Volunteers? Here’s a Better Way

As little as five years ago, most volunteer coordinators were managing their volunteers and events with nothing more than a spreadsheet. Sadly, many nonprofits still struggle with outdated volunteer management systems. Spreadsheets are powerful tools for managing budgets, but when it comes to coordinating events, volunteer hours and information, those unwieldy cells and rows can […]

3 Ways VolunteerMark Sign-in Kiosk App Improves Any Nonprofit Event

Anyone who’s ever managed an event knows firsthand how chaotic it can be to organize and mobilize your army of volunteers in a timely and orderly fashion. From getting everyone signed in to directing them to their proper stations, there are multiple logistical details and record-keeping requirements that can be a nightmare to control without […]

VolunteerMark Adds New Features to its Web-Based Volunteer Management System

Kansas City, May 31st—VolunteerMark announced today that they’ve added several new features to its web-based volunteer management software program. These enhancements will provide users with even greater ability to coordinate, communicate and manage their volunteer base while improving the user experience. “One of the tools our clients have been asking for is the ability to […]

7 Books That Will Make You a Better Volunteer (and Human!)

For book lovers, there’s no better time than summer. Lazy weekend afternoons on the beach, in the park or by the pool is made even better with a great book to escape into. And while there are hundreds of perfect “beach reads,” there are also just as many books that can improve our minds and […]

A Lesson in Humility: The Importance of Empathy in Volunteer Work

A conversation with SAFEHOME operations manager, Desiree Long   “If he beats you, why don’t you just leave?” That’s the question, stated or implied, that plagues victims of domestic abuse. It can be difficult for people to understand why anyone would choose to stay with an abusive partner. Leslie Morgan Steiner, Harvard graduate, author of […]

National Volunteer Week Spotlight: The Genesis Project

  That’s the average age of entry into prostitution. It’s an uncomfortable and heartbreaking truth but one that Seattle’s The Genesis Project knows all too well. Founded in 2011 by Andy Connor, a deputy with the King County sheriff’s office, The Genesis Project is a faith-based nonprofit community of local staff, volunteers, law enforcement officers, […]

Non-Profit Leader Spotlight: Aimee Tilley

It takes a special person to work in the non-profit world. That person must be creative, resilient, tenacious, big-hearted, and, above all, resourceful. Even in the best of times, non-profits have to consistently scrap, beg, barter and cajole funding to serve its clients and pay its staff, and that level of stress can lead to […]

50 Ways to Show Your Volunteers Appreciation

National Volunteer Week—April 15-21—is a little less than a month away. Established in 1974 by President Nixon, this week encourages Americans to volunteer for one of the many deserving nonprofit programs in our country. In addition, it’s a perfect opportunity for organizations to formally recognize the hard work and effort of their own volunteers. While […]

5 Tips to Building a Strong Volunteer Base

Millions of individuals in the United States choose to give their talent, time and skills to help causes they believe in, and most nonprofits’ ability to operate and grow depend on that free labor. But even when your labor comes from the heart, managing different personalities and schedules is challenging.   Effective volunteer management is […]