How to Use the Power of Social Media to Market Your Nonprofit

Texas Humane Heroes (TXHH) has a noble and ambitious vision: find a loving home for every pet in need in Texas. With  2,526 animals saved in 2017, they’re well on their way to achieving that goal.  Like most non-profits, those achievements couldn’t happen without a dedicated staff of employees and volunteers. In the month of December […]

How to Find the Perfect Volunteer Position For You

People consider the idea of volunteering for many reasons. Some retirees like to fill their time with meaningful work. Often, students need to fulfill a class credit. Others are simply looking for experiences that help them “give back” in some way to their community, place of worship or from a sense of responsibility. Whatever your […]

Nine Surprising Benefits of Volunteering

My wife and I visited Aspen, Colorado last week for leaf-peeping season.  While on the way, we planned to stop at the Hot Springs Pool in Glenwood Springs.  Year round, visitors to the Springs seek respite in the 3.5 million gallons of 124 degree Fahrenheit water that emanate from the Earth daily. I was inspired […]

How to Write a Blog People Will Read

Hi there! I hope this week finds you well – the past few weeks have been exciting ones for us out here in Kansas City. Fall has been gracing us with some beautiful weather & beautiful colors, and after an insanely exciting season, our very own Kansas City Royals, long the underdogs in the MLB, […]

The Benefits of Dedicating Yourself to One Cause

These past weeks, between the podcast and several blogposts, we’ve had some highly meaningful discussions about ways that we can recruit dedicated volunteers to our causes. I can’t thank all of you enough for getting involved in these conversations – I’ve absolutely loved being a part of it, and have learned a great deal from […]

A short guide to businesses who are paying volunteers

We’ve been having a great discussion via the blog and podcast lately on paid volunteer programs – this is a benefit program run by local and national businesses designed to get their employees volunteering in the community. On Friday I chatted about strategies that we as volunteers can use to take advantage of these programs […]

How to recruit paid volunteers

Did that title grab you?? I sure hope it did. Because today, I have a quick guide about something I think could be one of the most revolutionary things to hit volunteering since its invention – get this – more and more businesses are now paying their employees to volunteer with causes that those employees […]

How to Make Volunteering a Way of Life

  If you’re like me, you’ll find that many people struggle with how to volunteer.  There are many opportunities to serve lots of different organizations, so it can seem daunting for someone who wants to “get involved.”  Depending on the type of organization you volunteer with, I’ve found at least one way to work through […]

Keeping your employees engaged

This post is adapted from Catchafire’s blog. Catchafire is an online service that connects professionals to projects that benefit the social good sector. Catchafire matches individuals based on their time availability, skills, and passion to contribute pro bono services to microvolunteering opportunities. Nonprofits rely on two things: donors and volunteers.  But what about the people […]