Volunteer Resource Managers vs Volunteer Coordinators

I recently purchased 365 Ideas for Recruiting, Retaining, Motivating and Rewarding Your Volunteers and The Volunteer Management Handbook.  These books are great resources for any charity or nonprofit organization and I highly recommend them.  Ask me to borrow them; I’m happy to share!  I thought it was interesting how the perspectives on “Volunteer Management” differed. […]

National Volunteer Week, April 21-27, 2013

In honor of National Volunteer Week we have put together some interesting facts and information about volunteerism in the United States and worldwide.  As of 2012, the estimated value of a volunteer’s time is $22.14 per hour.  Discover more stats about volunteer time .  How much money has your volunteers contributed to your organization? The National […]

Technology Best Practices for Nonprofits (continued)

This blog post is a continuation post from the original 1-5 best practices for nonprofits 6. Blog A well planned and executed blog is one of the most effective things any organization can do to expand its reach. The technology behind a blog is simple and the cost is free. Although it is important that […]

VolunteerMark, Soon to Launch

We have been hard at work.  It’s been almost a year since we’ve updated the blog because we’ve been so busy and focused on some very exciting improvements! Focus on volunteer retention rates. Did you know that the average turnover rate for volunteers is 34%? Compared to the national employee turnover rate of 3.1%, it […]

Welcome Venkat Dulipalli, Chief Technical Officer

2012 has been a busy year for co-founder of VolunteerMark, Andrew Stanley. The many exciting life changes include proposing to his girlfriend and making wedding plans for late 2012, running the April 16th Boston Marathon, and bringing on board a technical co-founder for the VolunteerMark company. Venkat is an app developer with expertise in java, […]

VolunteerMark = volunteer app

What is the status anyway? Thank you for bearing with us as we develop this application. Perhaps you are intrigued about us but really don’t understand just what exactly we are building That’s great that you are following our blog and facebook/twitter updates. We try to contribute to the those with general interest in nonprofits […]

Competition Among Charities

Are NPOs fighting to stay relevant? The main reason why a nonprofit organization would join the United Way is because the UW allocates money to its member agencies. So if the United Way of Kansas City has decided to allocate $39,043,234 (2010 990 Form) to the 116 member agencies, each organization will receive a piece of […]

Technology for non-profits

My conversations with local non-profits My experience working for a local for-profit company exposed me to the reality that a lot of businesses are using outdated and inefficient technology. And it comes at no surprise that not-for-profit organizations operating with shrinking budgets are more likely than not to be using some of the most primitive […]