Feature Friday- Doe

Uncategorized / Friday, November 8th, 2013

Every other Friday we will feature a different volunteer.  If you would like to participate, please email me at [email protected].  Thanks!

Doe is a 49-year-old mother and grandmother. She likes to do what she can to help others because she was a single mother and understands some of the struggles that people have.  She knows that even a little help from someone can go a long way.

Doe didn’t start volunteering until she moved to Missouri from Boston.  She worked for a company that had a volunteer committee and thought it would be interesting to be a part of it. She started out by building a home with Habitat for Humanity.  ”It was hard work but so much fun,” said Doe.  ”That is when the volunteer bug bit me. The teamwork and the feeling of accomplishment to help someone was like a natural high.”  
Ever since, she has volunteered for Synergy and Harvesters.  Synergy is a nonprofit that helps women and children who have had problems with being victims of domestic violence.  ”I cannot change what these women and children have been through and I don’t have the education to help heal,” said Doe. “But what I can do is make it possible to get the materials to them and get the word out that they are not alone.”
When Doe has free time, she either goes to Synergy’s main office to help with filing or stuffing envelopes, or she goes to the teen center and helps watch the children for the teen moms as they attend meetings to learn how they can become good mothers and where they can get help.
Harvesters is a nonprofit that helps feed those who are less fortunate and cannot afford to feed their families.  There are many ways to volunteer for Harvesters.  

“One time, my husband and I (yes, I have him volunteer with me, even when he wants to stay home) volunteered to collect food and cash for Harvesters at the home show downtown,” Doe recalled.  “We were to volunteer late in the afternoon on a very snowy day.  When we met with the Harvester’s worker, he stated that no other volunteers had showed up.  We were glad we were able to make it so that the poor worker could leave the area to get something to eat. Even bad weather can’t stop me from volunteering.”  Doe believes it is important to commit when volunteering because others rely on your help.  

“I am lucky and blessed to have the life that I lead,” said Doe. “Volunteering is my way of thanking God for the life that I have and I want to help with what I can to see others get through life a little easier.”