7 Reasons to Choose VolunteerMark for Your Volunteer Management Program

Volunteer Management / Thursday, August 13th, 2020

Running a successful nonprofit requires creativity, grit and an army of dedicated volunteers who are passionate about the mission. Fortunately, the world is full of caring individuals who want to make a difference in the world. The key to developing long-term relationships with these potential volunteers is integrating a smooth and consistent volunteer program.

Volunteer retention is one of the main issues that consistently challenge volunteer coordinators. Attracting and training volunteers is expensive, so it’s crucial that coordinators have systems in place to make the volunteering process simple and consistent. VolunteerMark’s cloud-based software management program provides volunteer coordinators an easy, cost-efficient program for both coordinators and volunteers that improve communications, event sign ups and retention.  

Here are 7 simple reasons VolunteerMark’s volunteer management software should be an essential part of your 2019 volunteer management strategy.

  1. Unlimited number of volunteers

VolunteerMark allows coordinators to upload and manage an unlimited number of volunteers in the database. Whether you’re a small organization with 10 volunteers or a large organization with 100s of volunteers, the program provides coordinators the ability to manage as many volunteers as needed.

  1. Unlimited number of administrators

Need access for multiple administrators? With VolunteerMark, nonprofits aren’t limited to one like other programs. Nonprofit staff wear many hats, and it’s not uncommon to manage multiple and often overlapping roles. VolunteerMark allows full administrator access for as many staff as necessary. This feature ensures that staff have access to important information when needed.

  1. Unlimited number of events and positions

Every nonprofit has specific needs, and VolunteerMark’s capacity to create an unlimited number of fixed and flexible positions and events accommodates those unique needs. With VolunteerMark, there’s never an additional charge to add new or additional volunteer positions to your calendar.

  1. Mobile application

As more people manage their lives from their phone, mobile applications have become an essential feature to any volunteer management program. VolunteerMark is one of the few volunteer management programs that offer a mobile application for their volunteers. With VolunteerMark, volunteers can easily manage their scheduled volunteer hours, add or delete events and communicate with coordinators and other volunteers.

  1. Volunteer kiosk

On-site volunteer management has never been easier with VolunteerMark’s volunteer kiosk. Paper sign ins are inefficient and tend to get lost. VolunteerMark’s online sign-in kiosk allows coordinators to instantly know who’s signed in from any location in real time. This feature provides coordinators the ability to quickly assign no shows and keep the event running smoothly.

  1. Reporting analytics

Having  access to real-time volunteer data is essential for future forecasting and budget planning. VolunteerMark’s reporting tools allows coordinators quick snapshots of vital volunteer data such as number of volunteers for particular shifts, events and days. By better understanding volunteer patterns, coordinators can accommodate and adjust to improve volunteer attendance.

  1. Unlimited email support and 24/5 chat support

Even the most experienced volunteer coordinators depend on others to keep events running smoothly. VolunteerMark is on of the few volunteer management programs that provide unlimited email support for their clients and 24/5 chat support. We understand how frustrating technology can be, so we ensure your pressing questions are answered quickly to keep your nonprofit running smoothly.

The world is full of great people ready to help, but finding and keeping them requires a robust volunteer management program. VolunteerMark provides a secure,  cost-effective solution for any nonprofit.

To learn more about how VolunteerMark can improve your volunteer management program, sign up for a free demo today.