3 Ways VolunteerMark Sign-in Kiosk App Improves Any Nonprofit Event

Features and Benefits / Wednesday, June 6th, 2018

Anyone who’s ever managed an event knows firsthand how chaotic it can be to organize and mobilize your army of volunteers in a timely and orderly fashion. From getting everyone signed in to directing them to their proper stations, there are multiple logistical details and record-keeping requirements that can be a nightmare to control without an efficient system in place.


With VolunteerMark’s handy Sign-in Kiosk app, volunteers can sign into events with just a few, simple clicks on a tablet. Simply open the app and direct volunteers to sign into their positions as soon as they show up for the event. All sign-in records are automatically recorded so you can access them before, during and after after the event.


VolunteerMark’s latest feature allows administrators more efficient and simple look-up options.

  • Need to see if a volunteer showed up for an event? Search the Sign-in Kiosk app by volunteer name in the position details page.
  • Want to see specific details about a particular event shift? Now you can search for those details by querying the position or shift name within the app.


While most volunteers give their time because they care about the cause, there will be volunteers who also need to log their hours for school, work or organization like the Boy Scouts or National Honor Society.

With VolunteerMark’s convenient Sign-in Kiosk app, records are securely and safely stored on the cloud, unlike paper records that tend to get misplaced or lost. Additionally, volunteers can quickly and easily access their volunteer hours on their mobile devices, saving you hundreds of hours in tedious paperwork and emails.

The best part of the VolunteerMark Sign-in Kiosk app is that there’s no additional charge to you or your volunteers. At VolunteerMark, we understand that you’re already overworked, understaffed and working with a limited budget.

Our number-one priority is to make the volunteer management process as efficient as possible so you can focus on what matters most—your mission.

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