What’s in a color?

Uncategorized / Tuesday, December 17th, 2013

Apple Branch

From the shining redness of a well-ripped apple to the robin blue hue of the midday sky, colors impact our daily lives and yet we hardly pay attention.

The same can be said for website design.

Dylan Feltus of eWebDesign.com put together a highly-interesting story, “How to Decide on a Color Scheme for Your Website,” that details why colors matter in the digital world.

“Color selection and schemes are incredibly important, especially since current web design favors a minimalistic approach… Having the right color scheme means you can integrate your branding into your web design, therefore reinforcing the representation of you and/or your company.”

For many nonprofits out there, web design is becoming a growing part of their day-to-day operations. Whether its updating social media or adding photos to a website, having an online presence is a necessity for organizations in today’s age. And unbeknown to most, color scheme plays a┬átactical role in that experience.

Feltus goes on to give an excellent guide to the best way of selecting the appropriate colors for an organization’s website. His breakdown of the psychological effects each different color has and the theories behind their usage is incredibly insight (and helpful).

Some bullet points that stood out:

  • Midway through the article the author details “colors that complement each other,” which could serve as a great launching point for any website design or redesign projects your organization may have in the future.
  • Ongoing design trends and color tools are also provided, presenting anyone with interest of improving or modifying their color scheme a path to do so.

Overall, the effects that a nonprofit website’s color-scheme has on its viewers is hardly thought about by its leadership, which makes sense considering all the other responsibilities they hold.

But, as this article shows, a website’s colors do impact how people perceived the overall product and is something each nonprofit should revisit from time to time.