Digital Marketing in 2014: Where Your Customers Will Be

Marketing / Thursday, December 5th, 2013

Digital Marketing in 2014: Where Your Customers WIll Be:

We came across this great write-up on Tuesday while prepping for our monthly Nonprofit Neighbors brown bag forum.

Which social networks and search engines should you be marketing on in 2014? The Vocus Blog’s Jim Dougherty examines the data to find out.

Just some wonderful information for any organizations out there looking to utilize social media in the coming year. Not only does the piece highlight all the major current platforms, it also gives insight into future ones. Overall, a quick read through will provide plenty of tips on what to expect and how to use social media in 2014.

Below are some nuggets that stood out to us, along with a few opinions of our own (couldn’t help ourselves):

  • While time spent by consumers on Facebook has dwindled, it’s still by far the most used social network compared to others. Therefore, don’t ignore your Facebook posts, but also don’t just post to post. Get creative, stay innovative and keep at.
  • Twitter is seeing a wide expansion within its advertising realm. Get ready for this by immersing yourself in the technology. Like any social media outlet, don’t fear it. Instead, embrace it.
  • With all the different digital marketing platforms that now exist, don’t lose sight of the original purpose — inform and connect. Whether its through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc., the better nonprofits inform their audiences, the better they connect with their audiences and thus the better response they will receive.
  • Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, have fun with it. It will keep the public coming back for more, which is highly important for any organization needing volunteer help.