Why Should You Use Volunteer Management Software?

Technology / Friday, October 11th, 2013


Volunteer management is not easy.  Can you imagine trying to use Excel spreadsheets to manage volunteer hours for hundreds of volunteers?  This is a normal occurrence for many organizations, but it does not have to be.  Software makes volunteer management significantly less difficult.

How does volunteer management software help?

  1. Get grants.  Volunteer management software provides you with reporting systems and other services that are necessary to apply for grants.  Better data equals more grant money.
  2. Track volunteer hours.  Sure, you can track hours with pen and paper, but how do you validate that?  Software makes it easy to track hours in a way you can trust.
  3. Find donors.  The more legitimate your volunteer tracking and reporting is, the more likely your organization will be to get donors.  Use software to make the tracking and reporting valid.
  4. Save time.  Some organizations use Excel spreadsheets or pen and paper to record volunteer information.  It could save tons of time being able to add that to an online database as opposed to taking time to record it all with pen and paper.  Go paperless!
  5. Make it easier for volunteers.  Volunteers signed up to volunteer to help whatever cause your organization supports, not to spend time logging hours and having you validate them.  Software makes this process easy.  With the click of a button, volunteers can track and validate their hours.
  6. Recruit volunteers.  VolunteerMark has tools to look for volunteers in your area.  It also allows volunteers to search for your organization.  If you’re near the volunteer’s location, your organization will show up.
  7. Search for volunteers by skill.  Some volunteer management software allows you to search for a volunteer by skill.  Would you prefer to look up volunteers easily on the Internet, or spend time flipping through pages of handwritten volunteers?


Does your organization use volunteer management software?  How is it beneficial for you?