Keeping your employees engaged

Corporate Social Responsibility / Wednesday, September 10th, 2014

This post is adapted from Catchafire’s blog. Catchafire is an online service that connects professionals to projects that benefit the social good sector. Catchafire matches individuals based on their time availability, skills, and passion to contribute pro bono services to microvolunteering opportunities.

Nonprofits rely on two things: donors and volunteers.  But what about the people who run the organization?  It can be hard work doing good. This is exactly why keeping employees engaged is a crucial responsibility for any nonprofit leader, but one that is much easier said than done.

Working at a nonprofit is often times physically and emotionally draining.  Ask yourself how you are supporting your staff?  Do you set clear expectations and check-in on a regular basis to track progress and troubleshoot issues?  

Remember that your mission inspires and motivates both volunteers and employees. Day to day activities, data entry, and tedious reporting tasks can bog down some of your best and most dedicated people.  Make work fun!  Celebrate success along the way. Set regular one-on-one meetings with supervisors to listen to, inspire, lead, and energize your team. It’s just as important to thank your employees as it is to thank your volunteers and donors.  

We believe it’s extremely important for nonprofits to recognize how crucial people are to your mission.  Our friends at Catchafire provide a comprehensive list of tips to help you create an intentional culture that combines purpose with passion. “By keeping employees engaged, you’ll increase their happiness, productivity and performance, making the long journey worth the while.”

To learn more about how to keep your team engaged visit the original post on Catchafire or our article on advice for volunteer managers.