Red Auto Protection makes commitment to Kansas City community

Corporate Social Responsibility / Monday, June 30th, 2014

Vehicle protection company partners with VolunteerMark to revolutionize Shepherd’s Center of KC Central’s volunteer operations.

When companies decide to make community involvement a priority, the decision deserves to be recognized. In fact, it needs to be so other businesses have social service leaders to follow.

To that end, VolunteerMark is proud to announce the inaugural member of its new corporate social responsibility programRed Auto Protection. Earlier this month, the vehicle protection company donated a $1,000 scholarship to Shepherd’s Center of KC Central, a Kansas City-based nonprofit organization that empowers mid-life and older adults to live healthy, engaged and independent lives.

“I believe as a successful business in the Kansas City area, and nationwide, it is our obligation to give back to our community,” Red Auto Protection CEO Elijah Norton said. “Supporting an organization like the Shepherd’s Center, whose central mission is to help keep the elderly independent and active is both a noble cause as well as something that we believe our product enables the elderly to do.”

The generous monetary donation will enable Shepherd’s Center Central to utilize VolunteerMark’s state-of-the-art volunteer management software free of charge for the next 12 months. With the software’s extensive scheduling, communications and reporting tools, Shepherd’s Center Central will now be able to more effectively and efficiently manage its 1,000-plus volunteer force.

“We are pleased to receive this very valuable scholarship from Red Auto Protection,” Shepherd’s Center Central executive director Pam Seymour said. “The use of VolunteerMark software will help us become much more efficient with our volunteer recruitment, management of those volunteers and the many opportunities we have available. We also hope that by using new technology like VolunteerMark, we will generate more interest from a younger group of volunteers.”

Going beyond the scholarship, Red Auto Protection and VolunteerMark have also entered into an ongoing community partnership with the charity to help the organization achieve its ultimate mission. From media campaigns to online outreach to volunteer opportunities, the trio has agreed to work together to improve the lives and impact of Kansas City’s aging generations.

Ultimately, VolunteerMark hopes that partnerships like these will be the catalyst to a better future — the more businesses that embrace community involvement, the more improved our society can be. To learn how a company can partake in the corporate social responsibility program, contact Brent Lager at [email protected].

“We wanted to help develop lasting and worthwhile partnerships between for profit corporations and the nonprofit world,” VolunteerMark CEO Andrew Stanley said. “It needed to be more than money and donations, but an actual investment into the success of these great organizations and I’m so glad that we were able to find such willing partners.”

RED Auto Protection prides itself on offering the highest quality vehicle protection plans at affordable prices. Originally founded in Overland Park, Kan., the company now has multiple locations across the nation and handles thousands of accounts yearly.

To empower the mid-life and older adults of Kansas City, Shepherd’s Center Central delivers numerous free or low-cost programs and projects. Meals on Wheels, Senior Companions, Caregiver support services and community engagement programs are just some of the offerings the nonprofit supplies.

“We hope that this is just the beginning, that others will follow Red Auto Protection’s lead of helping charities revitalize their volunteer operations,” Stanley said. “It’s a great way for corporations to show they care about the communities that support them.”