The Role of Charities

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What would the world be like without charities?

Who would look after the world’s vulnerable people with disabilities, youth and aging? Who would take care of the poor and sick? How would we promote peace, cooperation, love, sense of community, and environmental conservation? The list of noble causes is vast and always growing. Organizing like-minded individuals to work together to alleviate some problem in the world whether the span is isolated to a particular village/community or far-reaching is a wonderful initiative. Charitable organizations not only create an avenue to channel resources into a cooperative mission, but also equip us with a reference point for engaging in thoughtful discourse.

Charitable organizations spread awareness and are an advocate for important causes.Organizations like Habitat for Humanity and CFCA not only help people in need, but we can now begin to understand the importance of affordable and adequate housing for the poor as well as what it means to be poor in a 3rd world country.

So whether we are talking about non-profit/not-for-profit organizations and foundations or social enterprises or even just businesses with great corporate responsibility practices, there are many different ways people can organize to deliver goods and services that help people and the environment.

This blog will dive into some of the problems, shortcomings, and obstacles that these organizations face, but for now lets just take a moment to appreciate all the different ways our society and our lives benefit from having organizations that make it their priority to take care of some problem in the world, day after day.

Homelessness in Kansas City

Without Artists Helping the Homeless 723 people would not have been sheltered. Who knows if they would have survived the extreme heat of the summer on their own? Without the Homeless Services Coalition there would not exist a forum for 30 area organizations to work together, share resources, and increase their efficiency of reducing homelessness. Through collaborating on creating an Community Action Plan the separate organizations can work together in cohesion to achieving meaningful results.

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