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The Ten Things You’ve Gotta do to Get and Keep Rockstar Volunteers

Ever wish you could have an easy guide for running a sustainable volunteer program? Learn tips to end volunteer attrition and focus on what works for recruiting and retaining the best volunteers.

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9 Actionable Tips for Writing Kick-Ass Emails to Nurture Donor Relationships

Donors’ are an integral part of the nonprofit ecosystem. Maintaining and nourishing donor relationships is extremely vital. And while events and conferences go a long way, the most effective and cost-effective method is to write an email that appreciates them, encourages them, and makes them grateful they decided to donate to your cause.

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How we won an award for doing what is right.

We recently won a Mobiley award, which is an award for entrepreneurs who inspire and make a difference through mobile innovation. The process taught us a lot about these sorts of crown campaigns online, and we think these lessons could be of great help as we try to get people to volunteer, 'like' us on Facebook, or comment on our webpages.

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The top resources for telling beautiful stories at your non-profit

You've got to tell your story to win over rockstar volunteers. This post is your toolbox for resources you'll need to do that - dig into it, and equip yourself to share the beautiful stories of the communities you serve.

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The Five Steps to Telling a Beautiful Story

Storytelling is a critical part of what we do as volunteer coordinators. Join the conversation today as we share five key steps you'll need to take if you hope to tell beautiful stories as you recruit volunteers.

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Digital Marketing in 2014: Where Your Customers Will Be

Just some wonderful information for any organizations out there looking to utilize social media in the coming year. Not only does the piece highlight all the major current platforms, it also gives insight into future ones. Overall, a quick read through will provide plenty of tips on what to expect and how to use social media in 2014.

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