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The Ten Things You’ve Gotta do to Get and Keep Rockstar Volunteers

Ever wish you could have an easy guide for running a sustainable volunteer program? Learn tips to end volunteer attrition and focus on what works for recruiting and retaining the best volunteers.

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Could your non-profit generate revenue? (5 questions to ask yourself)

Building on the discussion of revenue generating non-profits from Monday, this article talks about five questions you should ask yourself when considering if your non-profit could fundraise via revenue generation. This five step process will take you a long way in the direction of seeing if this is a fit for you!

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Could your non-profit generate revenue?

In the aftermath of the recession - many non-profits are seeking revenue streams that they own. Could this be possible for you? The answer may surprise you...tune in for three powerful stories of non-profits who refused to depend solely on outside funding and charted their own destinies.

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