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The Ten Things You’ve Gotta do to Get and Keep Rockstar Volunteers

Ever wish you could have an easy guide for running a sustainable volunteer program? Learn tips to end volunteer attrition and focus on what works for recruiting and retaining the best volunteers.

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Key aspects of writing a kickass 'Grant Proposal' for your project

Grant proposals play a key role in the process of fundraising. The corporate or organization you are sending it to pay keen attention to every detail and scrutinize it thoroughly before they agree to offer you the grant. What should the grant proposal contain? How should one make it easily understandable at the same time develop an emotional connection with the person reading it? We’ve come up with the following key facets addressing these important questions.

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The art of attracting corporate sponsorship for nonprofits

"This is so hot that it's scorching. People want to purchase from companies that give back to the community. If you change lives in a positive way, that's cause-related marketing." -Hollander (The Wealthy Bag Lady) on cause related marketing.Hunting for corporate sponsorship can be a tedious task. Yes, there are companies out there with big purses, but they typically have a long list of strings attached with them. Looking for the right corporate partner for your project to bring a synergy to both sides and finally, closing the sponsorship deal, can be a herculean task.

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How Volunteers Can Organize a Giving Day

There’s a cause near and dear to your heart. You spend hours volunteering your time, try to raise awareness and give financially where you can. You wish you could do more to help, but you don’t know how or what you could do. WonderWe, a crowdfunding platform, offers a solution to this issue by providing the tools to help organize a successful giving day. A giving day is a special day designated to generate publicity, find supporters and raise money for your charity. A giving day is typically one day focused on a specific cause. For example, a giving day can be designated in honoring a loved one, cancer awareness or employers rallying employees to promote corporate social responsibility. Whatever the meaningful cause, if planned properly, a giving day can be a success. The Fundraising Authority says giving days work because it focuses everyone on one simple task – raising the most money possible in one day. They suggest planning ahead, focusing on a goal and utilizing a team of coordinators to have a successful giving day.

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How To Help Volunteers Create Crowdfunding Campaigns

Nonprofits rely heavily on the generosity of donors. A common, but detrimental, practice of charities is to return to the same small pool of supporters over and over again to ask for funds or volunteer hours. A major challenge charities face is how to connect with new and repeat donors in fresh and current ways. One way to do this is to capitalize on the power of the referral and the power of online giving through volunteer-run crowdfunding campaigns.

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Do ice buckets really make a difference?

Can ice bucketers really make a difference? Join the conversation this week as we question the notion that a viral social media campaign can lead to genuine engagement with a cause. We'll consider the challenge, and evidence that your non-profit may be able to find much more effective tools.

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