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VolunteerMark's blog helps nonprofit professionals and people creating social impact to create outstanding volunteer experiences.  We believe nonprofits should work together, share resources, and be efficient change agents to make our world a better place.  We are looking for specific insight and advice that is thought-provoking and helpful to people who care about volunteering and want to create meaningful volunteer experiences.


Our Content Philosophy

We believe the content we write is more than just helpful and entertaining.  It must inspire, motivate, and spark change.  

Great content is something that people bookmark, return to frequently, and share with their colleagues.  We strive to address specific pain points and present concrete, actionable steps for readers to surmount them.  We seek articles that spark conversations by ending with a question and encourage dialogue around the topic.


Content Requirements

  • The article must contain useful relevant content to engage the readers of VolunteerMark Blog.
    • Articles containing practical information that will help nonprofits address the following topics will be most useful for our readers such as recruiting, retaining, and engaging volunteers, gaining awareness, developing nonprofit/for profit partnerships, and using technology for efficiency gains to maximize impact. To get a better sense for the type of articles that are published, take a look through some of the past articles published on The VolunteerMark Blog.
    • Promotional and vendor specific topics will not be published.  Reserve self promotion to your bio unless the article focus is on a free event, a course, or a workshop.
  • Articles need to be unique, insightful content that has not been published before.
    • All articles submitted must include original content and may not contain text previously published word for word elsewhere online, including your own blog, and does not verbatim incorporate any sections taken from previously published articles.
  • Articles may consistent of any length, but ideally 500-2500 words.
  • We ask that you please provide an image of 970 pixels width by 350 pixels height to be used as your cover image.  You may include additional images in the body of your article.  You must have the proper license and permission to use any and all media you submit.
  • Please use references from other industry sources, case studies, and data to back up your argument.
    • Only use links to your own site if the content you link to furthers your point
  • Include a 100 word author bio to help our readers learn more about who you are and how to contact you.
    • You're allowed to include one outbound link to your site
Please do not write your entire article here. We will review your proposed topic and contact you within 1-2 business days if we are able to publish your article on our blog.