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How Volunteers Can Organize a Giving Day

There’s a cause near and dear to your heart.  You spend hours volunteering your time, try to raise awareness and give financially where you can.  You wish you could do more to help, but you don’t know how or what you could do.  WonderWe, a crowdfunding  platform, offers a solution to this issue by providing the tools to help organize a successful giving day. A giving day is a special day designated to generate publicity, find supporters and raise money for your charity.   

A giving day is typically one day focused on a specific cause.  For example, a giving day can be designated in honoring a loved one, cancer awareness or employers rallying employees to promote corporate social responsibility.  Whatever the meaningful cause, if planned properly, a giving day can be a success.

The Fundraising Authority says giving days work because it focuses everyone on one simple task – raising the most money possible in one day.  They suggest planning ahead, focusing on a goal and utilizing a team of coordinators to have a successful giving day.

Volunteers could start an online fundraising campaign through WonderWe’s easy-to-use and innovative features, and kick off the campaign with a giving day to get supporters pumped up about donating and encourage them to spread the word and start their own mini campaigns through WonderWe, reaching a far greater audience than they could with traditional fundraising. 

In the last couple years, other online fundraising sites have become household names.  WonderWe takes the technology farther than these other sites.   Focusing on the power of “we,” WonderWe’s features peer-to-peer fundraising, the ability to enlist the help of several administrators, an organization portal and much more. 

For example, with peer-to-peer fundraising, if an organization was seeking to raise $10,000 for a specific project, they can reach out to family, friends, teammates and coworkers through efforts such as social media, email and print and ask for support.  They then can ask those supporters to start their own mini campaign to reach the people they know to raise a percentage of the main financial goal, such as $1,000 of the $10,000.  This brings the opportunity to raise more money than with traditional fundraising because of that greater network.  A large financial goal seems more possible when broken down into smaller increments through mini campaigns.  Plus, you have the opportunity to raise awareness and gain additional supporters to help with future giving. 

With WonderWe’s group fundraising features you can also ask for help with organizing the online campaign with additional administrators who can edit, promote and monitor the fundraising data.  This also gives your fundraiser a boost with different minds, ideas and talents coming together for the same meaningful cause.

An organization portal allows you to link your nonprofit, church or school’s website to the fundraiser homepage.  Videos and pictures can enhance your online page and really make it stand out.

Starting a fundraiser on WonderWe is easy and can be launched in as little as five minutes.  And, best of all, it’s free

If you’ve been contemplating helping your charity in a greater way, consider using WonderWe.  Start a fundraiser, organize a giving day and start spreading the word.  And see just how much crowdfunding can further the mission in a deeper way with a wider reach. 




About the author:

Jennifer Duffy is a freelance writer, former newspaper reporter and English teacher.  She is married to Chris for 10 years and a stay-at-home mom to Eli, 9, and Ivy, 4.  In her spare time, she enjoys helping out at her church, spending time with family and coffee.  

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