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8 Reasons to Volunteer this Giving season


Delectable feasts, 4-day weekends, gifts, football games, floats, family reunions… are we missing out anything else in our “Holiday Giving” celebration list? Yes, the most important aspect and the very essence of “Holiday Giving” feeling the abundance and gratitude within and ‘giving thanks’- extending ourselves to give to others! Experience the joy in giving this year. Participate in a volunteering activity of your choice.

Volunteering has always been viewed as good for the soul, physical and mental well-being but its advantages are multifold! Research shows immense positive changes by volunteering for just 2 hours a week. You can cultivate some great habits and it acts as a perfect catalyst to propel your career. Research has proven that the positive feeling referred to as “helper’s high,” increased trust in others and increased social and political participation.”

You will be surprised to know how much you can blossom throughout your volunteering journey and the transformation it can bring forth! Let’s look at few of those.

Openness and Adaptability – Volunteering will give you the opportunity to encounter new places, new people, new tasks and a totally new environment, different from your routine. You will develop the habit of being open to the ‘newness’ and adapt to any given situation.
Moving beyond your comfort zone- Unless we come out of our super-comfortable zones, growth is impossible. Engaging in a volunteering activity gives you the golden opportunity to do things which may put you in conditions you absolutely dislike. And that’s what you should go for at the very beginning! This will be a great added value in your professional career as well.

Leadership and Management skills- Volunteering is an awesome way to develop project planning, organizing, task management and problem solving skills. Every project you undertake will need all of these to ensure its seamless execution and to meet the desired results. These will be a fantastic value addition to your resume. VolunteerMark comes handy here as an excellent way to manage your tasks and people.

Team-work dynamics- To be accepting people as they are and keep your ego aside is one of the most vital life skills. Utilizing each one’s unique capabilities and coming to a concrete decision agreeable by all the team members is extremely essential. Volunteering projects equips you to be a team and achieve results working in tandem to each other! Embracing technology is a smart option and VolunteerMark is your buddy, removing all the co-ordination hassles and keeping your mind clutter free!

Network and make new friends - Volunteering opens the door to meeting people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. It gives you the freedom to mingle and build relationships with all your team members. People end up making life-long friends and they are often forever grateful for taking up the volunteering activity! Most companies today encourages their employees to engage in volunteering initiatives and you might end up meeting a professional in your area of interest who might be instrumental in giving you a referral.


Learn new skills- While engaging in a volunteering activity keeps you mentally stimulated and enhances your cognitive abilities, it also gives you a plethora of new avenues to learn new skills and apply your existing skills in a novel way.

Know yourself better- Each time you do something without expecting anything in return, in self-less giving, you will discover some hidden talents within you. It can also reveal your weaknesses and strengths and sometimes show you a mirror image of what you love. Julie a software engineer from India, volunteered for organizing a pottery activity for the slum kids and discovered how much she loved it! Today she is a successful potter, taking workshops across the world! It also develops greater self-worth and trust within us.

Makes you happy! - Many studies over the years have reasserted that helping others kindles joy within us. It is our innate nature to be helpful, share love and care for others. 

More than anything, volunteering gives you a sense of greater purpose and fills our heart with a feeling of fulfillment! Let the 2016 holiday season remind you of starting an exciting volunteering journey, of making a difference, of spreading happiness and being a better human being!

About the author:

Venkat Dulipalli is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of VolunteerMark

8 Reasons to Volunteer this Giving season by

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