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8 free tools Nonprofits can use to triple productivity

Do projects, operations, administrative work, volunteer management, and fundraising activities continuously lay in the pending section of your to-do list? With limited resources and a huge list of work to be done, nonprofits are often pressed for time and sometimes get stuck on the small things. Especially in the social sector, people wish to do more good more quickly but are unable to for X number of reasons.

Here is a list of 8 fabulous tools that you can use to power up your team and give them a productivity boost, enabling you to change more lives and spread more smiles!

This one is the best for volunteer and project management!

VolunteerMark: So you made 50 calls, and only 5 turned up for the meeting? Well, it is a task to keep volunteers motivated at all times for the project. It’s important to constantly communicate, update, be in touch, and mobilize them to action.  With VolunteerMark, you can:

  • Find more volunteers who are passionate for your cause
  • Effortlessly communicate, collaborate and manage your volunteer teams, keeping the enthusiasm of the team buzzing at all times
  • Easily schedule one time and flexible volunteer shifts for each project
  • Track volunteer tasks and data with ease
  • Leverage reporting analytics and generate report instantly

Welcome ‘productivity’ into your team with VolunteerMark.

If you are wondering how to raise funds, there are no alternatives better than WonderWe.

WonderWe- Raising funds are always the first big agenda for all nonprofits, and perhaps the toughest in the list. ‘Crowdfunding’ is a powerful engine for raising funds from the community and spreading awareness about your cause, reaching a wider audience. WonderWe is a great platform to crowdfund your projects and it charges 0% fees for it! Take a look at its wonderful features enabling you to leverage the power of the ‘We’ to do more good, more quickly!

Through WonderWe’s group feature you can leverage your network’s network and raise funds as a team! There is more. If you want to lead you own mini campaign , you can do so through peer-to-peer fundraising, implement individual creativity and add to the main campaign in your own way.

The doorway to clutter free inbox and mind is here! It’s important to be updated with everything that’s buzzing in the nonprofit sector and to gauge over industry insights as well. But do newsletters and mailers clutter your inbox, wasting your time sorting them out and addressing the important emails first? Well, compiles a list of all of your subscriptions and cleans your inbox by bundling all the newsletters in one place, of which then you can open and read at will! Clutter free inbox saves a lot of time and effort, boosting your productivity a notch higher!

Your support system for efficient social media management is right here-

Hootsuite- Having a super-active digital presence is a must in this era where people are spending more than 80% of their time on the internet. Managing multiple social media accounts can take up a lot of precious time. Hootsuite is an awesome tool enabling you to schedule posts across all channels from one dashboard. Assign social assignments to team members, organize Twitter lists, and measure performance with ease.  You can begin with a free plan and start a professional plan at just $9.99 per month!

This one is the best for email schedules and reminders!

Boomerang-  Yes, everyone is busy completing tasks and it's natural for people to forget to respond to some emails. Whether it’s a meeting reminder or a gentle reminder to contribute funds to your nonprofit’s project, Boomerang is a chrome extension that makes sure your email reminders are sent just in time. There is more . You can schedule emails to be sent at a later date and it will remind you if the person to whom you had sent the email has not responded back. Your mind is now free and does not have to remember to remind a particular client, volunteer or organization! Seamlessly integrate this wonderful feature to save time and delete the unnecessary from your memory!


Bring clarity and make action oriented plans with Mind Maps!

Meister Task- Mind maps are a real problem solver when it comes to planning and charting out strategies. The visually engaging maps bring complete clarity on the whole course of action making implementation a simple affair. Meister Task enables you and your team to brainstorm and collaborate from remote locations in real time while planning strategies for a project or event. Map it out before your begin! The basic plan is available for free while the Pro plan costs only $7.50 per month.

Embrace the new age of ‘Cloud Storage’ for hasslefree data storage and management.

Google Drive: Google for Nonprofits provides access to not just the full Google Apps suite (which includes Google Drive) but also Google Ad Grants, YouTube for Nonprofits, Google Earth Outreach, and the new Google Generosity -- all for free! All your organization has to do is apply. From presentations to spreadsheets, documents, photos, and forms, Google drive is a one stop solution for storage, sharing, and collaborative working with your team from across the globe. Everything is in the cloud, making storage and access extremely easy and efficient.


Communicate effortlessly while on the move with Voxer!

Voxer- This modern day walkie-talkie enables you to not only share voice messages, but also share photos and videos across the globe through its app! The messages do not vanish once said, you can record them for playback later. Voxer is super useful for international organizations to communicate with volunteers and staff abroad in real time. This also comes handy while coordinating events, keeping your team updated with everything that needs to be done at the moment. You can use the personal plan for free and go for the pro voxer plan for just $3.99 per month.

People in need are waiting for you to make a greater impact. Make every moment count to make someone happy! Cut out all of your wasteful time and effort with these tools to boost productivity, be stress free, and make more time to do more good work.


About the author:

Venkat Dulipalli is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of VolunteerMark

8 free tools Nonprofits can use to triple productivity by

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