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4 best Christmas movies about Giving Back one must watch!


The best time of the year is here again- CHRISTMAS! A time to spend with your loved ones, sing carols to the heart’s content, revel in the first snowfall, indulge in cupcakes and cookies and become a secret Santa for someone special. The air is filled with the magic of love and giving back. To add to this spirit of giving and sharing, how about watching Christmas movies with your family, friends, and volunteer groups?

We have come up with this special list of 4 all-time favourite Christmas movies with the eternal message of giving back.

Home Alone 2 : Lost in New York is certainly one of the greatest Christmas films of all times; capturing an era of childhood innocence which will melt your heart every time you watch it. Being left by his family at Christmas by mistake, Kevin (Macaulay Culkin) preserves the Christmas spirit , fights the burglars with utmost style yet again and enjoys every moment to the fullest. Intrigued by a kooky bird-loving woman, Kevin becomes her friend. He rekindles the true value of friendship, trusting people and loving again in the lady. The little boy uncovers a beautiful truth about humanity - the need for companionship, regardless of how much we wish to distance ourselves from it. "Your heart might be broken but it isn't gone. If it was gone, you wouldn't be this nice." Profound words by the little 

Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas (1966)  animated movie is sure to warm your hearts this Christmas! Grinch absolutely hates Christmas and does grinchy acts to mar the Christmas spirit for the inhabitants of Whoville. He steals their Christmas gifts, decorations and meals - only to discover that the joy of Christmas can never be stolen. The people of Whoville are still grateful and keeping singing and celebrating the festival. It’s the joy of being together which matters most and not the materialistic things! They are still in the giving spirit as they embrace Grinch with love and celebrate together.

“Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Had a very shiny nose…” Do you remember humming this when you were a kid? Well, this fun classic has a strong message for us. Rudolph who has an exceptionally bright glowing nose is constantly being bullied by his friends. He then decided to  go on an adventure with his equally unique friend Hermey. They both end up in the land of ‘misfit toys’ and discover that Santa is about to cancel Christmas due to terrible weather. But Rudolph’s nose glimmers! They use Rudolph to direct Santa’s sleigh and also deliver the toys from the misfit toys island to the children who would love them. We all have felt the agony of not fitting in sometime or the other. The uniqueness in us is the most charming gift and we can be useful and give back despite our disabilities.


It's a wonderful life is one of the best Christmas classics exhibiting one of the biggest ‘give away’, ‘gift’ to humans - life! George Bailey wants to end his life and there comes grace showering on him in the form of an angel who shows him the value of life. What’s amazing is that the entire town gave donations to help George clear his loan. Life is precious and we ought to be grateful for it.

Get your popcorn, cupcakes, and hot cocoa with whipped cream ready! It's time to savor the Christmas spirit with loved ones!

Merry Christmas!




About the author:

Venkat Dulipalli is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of VolunteerMark

4 best Christmas movies about Giving Back one must watch! by

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