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The Ten Things You’ve Gotta do to Get and Keep Rockstar Volunteers

Ever wish you could have an easy guide for running a sustainable volunteer program? Learn tips to end volunteer attrition and focus on what works for recruiting and retaining the best volunteers.

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5 Clutch strategies for recruiting AmeriCorps alums as volunteers

AmeriCorps alums are an incredible resource as you grow your volunteer program. They are experienced volunteers, dedicated change agents, and creative problem solvers. You can and should be recruiting them as volunteers - here's how...

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Uprooting your life and finding your new roots through service

Moving to a completely new place and navigating through unfamiliar experiences can be tough, but finding volunteer opportunities to get involved in and making an impact in your new community doesn't have to be.

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An executive director reminds us of the importance of prayer

Bobby Calvillo is the Executive Director of a large housing non-profit in Texas. He has shared his insight with us on many occasions, and today he speaks from the heart about how prayer can guide us everyday as we work to reshape community.

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Why you should banish excel from your life...(and other security tips)

Excel is a symptom of a much larger problem at our non-profits: our general disregard for cyber security. Basically, this means we are violating our sacred trust with volunteers, donors, and our community that says we will protect the information they give us. Don't want to become another story of an organization that has had information stolen from it? Then you need to read on...

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Keeping the #GivingTuesday Momentum Going All Year Long

Blown away by the generosity we’ve seen over the past two #GivingTuesdays, we asked ourselves, why limit this giving to just one day?

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