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The Ten Things You’ve Gotta do to Get and Keep Rockstar Volunteers

Ever wish you could have an easy guide for running a sustainable volunteer program? Learn tips to end volunteer attrition and focus on what works for recruiting and retaining the best volunteers.

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Twitter, Nonprofits, and You - How to Effectively Engage Members through Social Media

Based on Software Advice’s 2015 industry review from Software Advice (an association management technology comparison agency) on how to best use Twitter to foster member engagement, it is clear that having a measurable, valuable, and substantial communication strategy on social media can help save your nonprofit and reach a broader audience.

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How to Ensure that Our Organizational Efforts are Responsive to Change

Because of our continuously altered political, social, economic, and environmental landscape, I think it’s in nonprofits’ best interests to constantly re-examine their mission, purpose, organizational efforts, and methods of operating. Similarly to how for-profits challenge and question the relevancy and usability of their brand and product, I think it’s crucial for nonprofits to adopt a similar practice. Staying stagnant in our efforts, advocacy, and education will inevitably drive us into a roadblock where our ability to advance social change will be ineffectual.

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Community Leadership and Volunteering: A Gateway to Happiness

Volunteering your time serves an important function in your community. To put this into perspective, in 2011 American’s volunteered almost 8 billion hours of their time, which accounted for over $170 billion worth of labor. This saved money across the board and helped many non-profit organizations stay afloat. So, you want to help better the world around you through volunteering? That’s great! Follow these guidelines and you will be well on your way to successfully bettering your community.

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Nonprofit Internship Tips: Your Co-Workers, You, and Your Passion

While navigating through my nonprofit internships as a college student and trying to make sense of my future and how to piece my nonprofit passion and experiences together, I found that my co-workers were extremely helpful and willing to support and further my passions within the sector. The relationships I was able to foster with my co-workers are part of the reason I am where I am today as a recent post-grad.

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The health of volunteering in the UK

A brief overview of the voluntary sector in the United Kingdom. I want to see the real aspect of volunteering across the pond, rather than the stereotypical soup kitchen support and “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition”style philanthropy of the US, compared to the Dickensian cliches of British Childrens Charities.

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