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The Ten Things You’ve Gotta do to Get and Keep Rockstar Volunteers

Ever wish you could have an easy guide for running a sustainable volunteer program? Learn tips to end volunteer attrition and focus on what works for recruiting and retaining the best volunteers.

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Forget ice buckets - let's stop Ebola.

Ice buckets were great on the surface, but its time we started a campaign that requires sacrificial giving on the part of donors and volunteers. That's why we at Volunteermark are calling on our community to STOP EBOLA. Read on to find out what we're doing...

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Do you fear or embrace disruptive change at your nonprofit?

Technological change is disruptive, and it can usher in a new era of nonprofit engagement and impact. This will only happen, however, to the extent that we in the nonprofit space learn to embrace change and accept it as the new normal. Today, I discuss a some of the most major technological shifts and how we can turn them into a force for good in our nonprofits.

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The Perfect Volunteer Experience

In deference to Craig and Arianna, the popular SNL cheerleader skit from a few years back, I offer the PERFECT CHEER for the perfect volunteer experience. What made it perfect for me? The operation, the other volunteers, the environment, and most importantly, the leaders. This organization is my new philanthropic crush. Discover what earns my time in service at A Gift for Teaching, a Central Florida nonprofit serving the education system, such high praise . . .

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Forget relativism – social justice is about TRUTH.

Join us today as we make some bold, but very important statements about social justice work. The epidemic of relativism threatens the very core of nonprofit service, but it can be combatted. Read on for the set of mantras that we use at Volunteermark to hold our work to the truth.

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We're nearing first place in The Mobileys, and we need your vote!

The Mobileys honor entrepreneurs who inspire and make a difference through mobile innovation - we're nearing first place for an award, which would mean $10k for us to continue helping volunteers! But, we can't do it without you! Read more below, and please vote for us at!

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